Finally: an official FO…

(…as in “Finished Object”, Jane, Ann, and Mari.) It seems I have many projects started and almost done, but apparently I’m having closure issues with them.  At last, one has crossed the finish line.

This is called a “Fidget”.  I was led to the pattern and yarn this summer at A Tangled Tale over in Powell.  (Really great LYS).  The pattern is by Robin Dodge, and can be found on Ravelry.  I really love the Misti Alpaca Hand Paint  Chunky yarn–ok, I love alpaca anything.  I liked the interesting stitch pattern, which was easy to pick up, but varied enough to hold off the running fits, as my mom would say. This worked up quickly, but I only just finished it today when I–finally–found the buttons for it. True to form, I had bought them in July, but had promptly hid them from myself in my workroom, (which just got straightened up today as my annual first day of spring break ritual).  So… FO!

This is the best shot of the actual color way. Habanero, I think?










How it looks on a real person:











All stretched out.










Awesome buttons:  Tagua Nut, from On The Surface.







And finally, in the interest of equal time…Lucy in a pensive moment.




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I (hope I) can see clearly now.

Can you see them?  Look closely! See, there they are…new contacts in those eyes.  I’m trying them (yet) again. Call me crazy.  Happily, I can still knit with them in (pro).  Of course, the wrinkles around my eyes can’t hide behind my glasses anymore (con)–how about that cropping job, huh?  We’ll see…no pun intended.


Meanwhile, the left mitt is done.  I do like the pattern, and the colorway is nice…I’m not sure I’m crazy with the bolder striping on the fingers, but that’s just how the yarn works out. left-mitt 

Finally, here’s a shot of Queen Izzy up on the ledge in the foyer.  sleeping-beautyIt’s a cat’s life.

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Knitting Club ’09

In the craziness that was last year–our first year of our new school–I was never able to get a knitting club off the ground.  This year, however, is a different tale… 

 We meet every Monday at 3:45 ( we have to compete with Anime club every other week.  I find the fact that there is a scheduling conflict there with kids who want to be in both places fascinating. )  

Here’s the group in the library today, busily knitting away…my wonderful, talented volunteer mom / knitter extraordinaire is in the background.










Natalie was the first to try a “real pattern”.  She’s making a drawstring knapsack and is VERY proud of herself. 🙂










Leah and Mary are into learning new stitches and playing with texture. Leah’s a meticulous knittier…as in perfect gauge!–and Mary will attempt any new stitch that comes her way.  










Our parent volunteer taught Mary how to use a cable needle today…can you see the cables just above her basketweave pattern?  Awesome.










Elizabeth is still plugging away at casting on.  It took awhile (and a fair bit of help) to get this far.  We’ll tackle it again next time. 🙂  What a trooper! (She’s still smiling, which I take as a good sign.)












Marcos showed up today for the first time at the urging of a couple of other boys who have joined the group.  He’s a bit of a technician, so he picked up casting on and knitting pretty quickly.  When I started snapping pictures at the beginning of the meeting, he said he would refuse to be photographed…I would say he changed his tune, huh?  Amazing what a little success does for one. Look at that grin!










It’s the most wonderful time…of the week. 🙂


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Spring Forward.

Spring Break’s just around the corner.  Daffodils are starting to bloom (even though I keep warning them that cold weather in Ohio is never done by the end of March. They just don’t listen.)  March Madness is upon us:










Got the requisite spring pedicure last Saturday:










And…I’m making good progress on the Fingerless Mitts:


(Did I mention that springtime is also Girl Scout Cookie season????)

Life. Is. Fine.


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The short story is that I discovered yesterday that a long-lost high school (and college)  buddy has been living here in Columbus since 1995! We met for coffee this am at Panera at Easton.  What a wonderful reunion! We picked up right where we left off in 1981, after our sophomore year at Baker University in Baldwin City, KS–the year I moved to Columbus.  What a joy to hear about Alex’s family, job, and other adventures over the last 25 years or so.  

Here we are:alex-at-paneraDon’t look a day over 17, do we?


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But will I get them done in time?

I’ve started some fingerless gloves with some sock yarn I bought with Gretchen in Austin.  The pattern is “Kim’s Sockotta Fingerless Gloves” from Ravelry.  I’m using red-orange Berroco Sox.  



It’s still cold here in Columbus, and I’ve lived here long enough to know the chill hangs around for awhile…so, first day of spring notwithstanding, I’m hoping to wear these yet this season.  Apparently Izzie has doubts.








#1 son is home from OSU on Spring Break.  He came home a few weeks ago to watch #2 son in his latest drama production, “All in the Timing”.  




Here they are after the performance.  (Cute, huh?  But I’m a little biased.)





Here’s the photo just before.  



The turkeys turned just as I snapped the photo, using the flash delay to make me a leetle crazy.  (Pretty funny, actually). 







Evan played Leon Trotksy, taken out in real life by an axe to the skull.  Did I mention this was a comedy?  


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Do over.

So. I’ve been away from my knitting blog  for about a year. Life moves in phases…and my most recent phase has been blogless for awhile.  I’ve missed it, to be sure…I enjoy the online knitting community, I still lose myself in the black hole of reading other knitting blogs, and I  continue to knit (for better or worse, depending on the project.)  Today, I updated my first blog (, which I haven’t touched since last June.  Feverish with re-startitis (as any addicted knitter would be), I got back into my old template to start tweaking it a little…and promptly dismantled something html-like in very short order.

Welcome to my world. 

While contemplating whether to fix it, I remembered I had started a “sister” blog here at WordPress in 2006.  After I sorted out the  forgotten password thing, I landed here, inside a clean, fresh, new blog.  I’ve decided to live here for a little while and see how I like it before I put down carpet and hang pictures on the walls…but I think it’s going to be just right.  I’ll keep you posted.

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