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Fresh start…again.

Still knitting.

Still teaching. It’s still awesome.

Tennis game in remission. I miss it, but there’s just no time to stay good at it. (Let’s pretend I used to be good at it.)

Always planning my Next Big Trip. Next summer is France and Spain…maybe a mission trip to Jamaica?

Back to sewing…even serging (!) This is huge.

Still happily married. 26 years and counting.

Still Mom to two young men, one a college junior, and one about to be a high school senior.

Picked up new job as administrative assistant to aforementioned high school senior in midst of college search (CollegePalooza 2010) for a musical theater program that’s a good fit. Full-time job.

Still have 3 cats.  They still love each other, and spend most of their time curled up together.

Back to singing (outside of church on Sunday). I joined a a wonderful community choir last fall.

Would love to lose 10 pounds, but that is always the case.

Plan to keep up with the blog, although I get that blogs are a little passe. It’s ok…not too many people read it as it was.  I just got tired of seeing my “Winter Vacation” post.



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Question: What is both yarn-crazy and reinventing itself…again??

Answer: This blog!!!!  “Bossygirl” has been so patient, waiting all summer and fall for me to get my blogging act together.  All four of my past readers know well that I tend to go dark once school starts, and this fall was no exception.  The good news is that Phoenix Middle School is rounding the corner toward the middle of our third (!) year; the better news is that the Phoenix Knitters are off and knitting like crazy. 🙂  We meet every Monday afternoon in the library…currently, we’re working on an afghan to donate.  We also have had two sessions with Kim Johnson, a professional spinner, who is trying to teach us how to spin with a drop spindle.   Oy. (More on that later).

So…after talking about it for 2 years, I’ve finally gotten a blog up and running for my Global Cultures students (click here to visit).  However, it has quickly become obvious that I need a forum for our Phoenix Knitters as well. Enter “Bossygirl.”  I’ll find out tomorrow at school whether we can access WordPress from our district server (fingers crossed.)  If not, we’ll have to access it outside of the school day.

For Phoenix Knitters: what kind of  knitting information would you like to find, discuss, learn about through this blog?

For the other four readers (if you’re still out there):  Who taught you how to knit? How long have you been knitting?

Nice to be back.


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Ballband Dishcloth Redux.

The orange wasn’t doing it for me, so (surprise, surprise), I frogged it and had a do-over.  So here’s the new and improved Ballband Dishcloth (details on Ravelry under “Bossygirl”). The yarn is Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in “Cornflower” and “Over The Rainbow”.  Hey, I’m just glad that I had it on and off the needles quickly–I can tell I’m in Summer Knitting Mode.

Ballband dishcloth 003

Isn’t it amazing what a little color on string can do?

Love this knitting thing.

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