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A Little Summer Diversion

I  must have the concentration of a gnat.  I am happy to say that Kaffe Fasset sock #1 is done…yay.  However, instead of picking up and casting on #2, I trotted upstairs to my stash and bookshelves and pulled out yarn and directions for another Maxon-Dixon Ballband Dishcloth.  It just seemed to be calling me, like a moth to a flame, like peanut butter to chocolate, like …I don’t know–yarn to needles.  Pretty, sherbet-colored yarn to cool, smooth, bamboo needles.

Ballband dishcloth


Oh well…it makes me a happy little gnat, regardless.

Speaking of happiness…here’s another shot from the Rome trip.  Let me summarize it by saying that I did love the landscapes, the art, the history, the people; but give me cheese, please.

Cheese Shop In Rome



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