Monthly Archives: July 2010

Fresh start…again.

Still knitting.

Still teaching. It’s still awesome.

Tennis game in remission. I miss it, but there’s just no time to stay good at it. (Let’s pretend I used to be good at it.)

Always planning my Next Big Trip. Next summer is France and Spain…maybe a mission trip to Jamaica?

Back to sewing…even serging (!) This is huge.

Still happily married. 26 years and counting.

Still Mom to two young men, one a college junior, and one about to be a high school senior.

Picked up new job as administrative assistant to aforementioned high school senior in midst of college search (CollegePalooza 2010) for a musical theater program that’s a good fit. Full-time job.

Still have 3 cats.  They still love each other, and spend most of their time curled up together.

Back to singing (outside of church on Sunday). I joined a a wonderful community choir last fall.

Would love to lose 10 pounds, but that is always the case.

Plan to keep up with the blog, although I get that blogs are a little passe. It’s ok…not too many people read it as it was.  I just got tired of seeing my “Winter Vacation” post.



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