How I’m spending my Winter Vacation…

…I’m knitting! Finally! Of course, I had to wrap a partially finished sock and yarn for Evan, and a bag of yarn for Ethan with with promise of new socks by Jan. 3, but so far, I’m making good on my Christmas promise:

These are Evan’s new slipper socks, hot off the needles.   I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern “Woodsman’s Thick Socks” with double-stranded Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn from my stash.  I had made a pair for Ethan several years ago, which Evan has been wearing; needless to say, they are now too small (I came to this conclusion when I saw the boy’s feet in them, complete with the heels in the middle of his arches.  I thought it was probably time to give the kid his own pair that actually fits.) So…these are just fine.  Better yet: They. Are. Done.

Coming soon…a pair for the older boy. (Note: I’m on a deadline–he goes back to school on Sunday.)



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2 responses to “How I’m spending my Winter Vacation…

  1. Oooh those look nice!

    Now stop blogging and get back to knitting young lady!

    (Although it’s very nice to hear from you! 😉 )

  2. Oh, those looks so cozy – perfect for this cold weather!

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