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How I’m spending my Winter Vacation…

…I’m knitting! Finally! Of course, I had to wrap a partially finished sock and yarn for Evan, and a bag of yarn for Ethan with with promise of new socks by Jan. 3, but so far, I’m making good on my Christmas promise:

These are Evan’s new slipper socks, hot off the needles.   I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern “Woodsman’s Thick Socks” with double-stranded Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn from my stash.  I had made a pair for Ethan several years ago, which Evan has been wearing; needless to say, they are now too small (I came to this conclusion when I saw the boy’s feet in them, complete with the heels in the middle of his arches.  I thought it was probably time to give the kid his own pair that actually fits.) So…these are just fine.  Better yet: They. Are. Done.

Coming soon…a pair for the older boy. (Note: I’m on a deadline–he goes back to school on Sunday.)



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