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Ballband Dishcloth Redux.

The orange wasn’t doing it for me, so (surprise, surprise), I frogged it and had a do-over.  So here’s the new and improved Ballband Dishcloth (details on Ravelry under “Bossygirl”). The yarn is Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in “Cornflower” and “Over The Rainbow”.  Hey, I’m just glad that I had it on and off the needles quickly–I can tell I’m in Summer Knitting Mode.

Ballband dishcloth 003

Isn’t it amazing what a little color on string can do?

Love this knitting thing.


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A Little Summer Diversion

I  must have the concentration of a gnat.  I am happy to say that Kaffe Fasset sock #1 is done…yay.  However, instead of picking up and casting on #2, I trotted upstairs to my stash and bookshelves and pulled out yarn and directions for another Maxon-Dixon Ballband Dishcloth.  It just seemed to be calling me, like a moth to a flame, like peanut butter to chocolate, like …I don’t know–yarn to needles.  Pretty, sherbet-colored yarn to cool, smooth, bamboo needles.

Ballband dishcloth


Oh well…it makes me a happy little gnat, regardless.

Speaking of happiness…here’s another shot from the Rome trip.  Let me summarize it by saying that I did love the landscapes, the art, the history, the people; but give me cheese, please.

Cheese Shop In Rome


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School was out June 12…and off we flew to Italy and Greece for 1o days.  (When I say “we”, I mean me, two teachers, 18 freshmen, some parents, and my family (DH, 2 teenage boys) and my mom. )  It was truly the trip of a lifetime–and hard to put into words.  We got home about a week ago, and all I can think about is where we can go next…


Mom and me in front of the Trevi fountain in Rome, fresh off the plane on the morning of Day 1.  Note the gelato (had some every day.  When in Rome…)

Italy and Greece 082Florence, from the Ponte Vecchio.


From our hotel room in Delphi, Greece.  Wow.

DSCN1250Some of the gang in front of the Parthenon.  My two are in the hats.

DSCN1215The guys in Greece.  Love ’em.

On the trip, I started a pair of socks as well- Regia this time, a Kaffe Fasset colorway.

Europe Socks

I’m using a pattern by Jessica of Zarzuela Knits and Crochets…I love it.  I’ve had it for a year or two, but I think there may be an updated version on Ravelry.  It’s got two of my favorite characteristics: toe-up and done on a circular needle.  I probably could’ve done a reinforced heel as well, but didn’t have instructions for that abroad.

In the meantime, a knitting update:  Just finished a lime green Lamar scarf (pattern on Ravelry).  Love the pattern and the yarn (Berrocco “Comfort”, in this case chosen for a gal that demands 100% itch-free fiber).

Hobbes was happy to help me by modeling the newly- FO.

Lamar and Hobbes

And, as is my summer tradition…It’s Wimbledon time.  Knitting and good tennis on summer vacation? *sigh*


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