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Back to school

I do love my job, but getting back into the routine this week was tough.  There were grades to enter, lesson plans to make, places to go in the evening…but at the end of the week, the cold, rainy weather dried up, and spring decided to make a little comeback.  Good thing, too–prom was Friday night.  Here are a couple of shots of Evan and his date, Sara:

































Some knitting actually happened, too.  Pictures coming soon.



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Finally: an official FO…

(…as in “Finished Object”, Jane, Ann, and Mari.) It seems I have many projects started and almost done, but apparently I’m having closure issues with them.  At last, one has crossed the finish line.

This is called a “Fidget”.  I was led to the pattern and yarn this summer at A Tangled Tale over in Powell.  (Really great LYS).  The pattern is by Robin Dodge, and can be found on Ravelry.  I really love the Misti Alpaca Hand Paint  Chunky yarn–ok, I love alpaca anything.  I liked the interesting stitch pattern, which was easy to pick up, but varied enough to hold off the running fits, as my mom would say. This worked up quickly, but I only just finished it today when I–finally–found the buttons for it. True to form, I had bought them in July, but had promptly hid them from myself in my workroom, (which just got straightened up today as my annual first day of spring break ritual).  So… FO!

This is the best shot of the actual color way. Habanero, I think?










How it looks on a real person:











All stretched out.










Awesome buttons:  Tagua Nut, from On The Surface.







And finally, in the interest of equal time…Lucy in a pensive moment.



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I (hope I) can see clearly now.

Can you see them?  Look closely! See, there they are…new contacts in those eyes.  I’m trying them (yet) again. Call me crazy.  Happily, I can still knit with them in (pro).  Of course, the wrinkles around my eyes can’t hide behind my glasses anymore (con)–how about that cropping job, huh?  We’ll see…no pun intended.


Meanwhile, the left mitt is done.  I do like the pattern, and the colorway is nice…I’m not sure I’m crazy with the bolder striping on the fingers, but that’s just how the yarn works out. left-mitt 

Finally, here’s a shot of Queen Izzy up on the ledge in the foyer.  sleeping-beautyIt’s a cat’s life.

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