Knitting Club ’09

In the craziness that was last year–our first year of our new school–I was never able to get a knitting club off the ground.  This year, however, is a different tale… 

 We meet every Monday at 3:45 ( we have to compete with Anime club every other week.  I find the fact that there is a scheduling conflict there with kids who want to be in both places fascinating. )  

Here’s the group in the library today, busily knitting away…my wonderful, talented volunteer mom / knitter extraordinaire is in the background.










Natalie was the first to try a “real pattern”.  She’s making a drawstring knapsack and is VERY proud of herself. 🙂










Leah and Mary are into learning new stitches and playing with texture. Leah’s a meticulous knittier…as in perfect gauge!–and Mary will attempt any new stitch that comes her way.  










Our parent volunteer taught Mary how to use a cable needle today…can you see the cables just above her basketweave pattern?  Awesome.










Elizabeth is still plugging away at casting on.  It took awhile (and a fair bit of help) to get this far.  We’ll tackle it again next time. 🙂  What a trooper! (She’s still smiling, which I take as a good sign.)












Marcos showed up today for the first time at the urging of a couple of other boys who have joined the group.  He’s a bit of a technician, so he picked up casting on and knitting pretty quickly.  When I started snapping pictures at the beginning of the meeting, he said he would refuse to be photographed…I would say he changed his tune, huh?  Amazing what a little success does for one. Look at that grin!










It’s the most wonderful time…of the week. 🙂



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3 responses to “Knitting Club ’09

  1. I think this is awesome!

  2. Very cool! What great knitters they all are!

  3. Emu7

    Your knitting blog is awesome!!! I loved your idea to knit over the summer. I will bring my Amigurumi book into school. BTW there is an Amigurumi class at the Northwest library on April 25 from 3 to 5. Sounds like fun!

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