Spring Forward.

Spring Break’s just around the corner.  Daffodils are starting to bloom (even though I keep warning them that cold weather in Ohio is never done by the end of March. They just don’t listen.)  March Madness is upon us:










Got the requisite spring pedicure last Saturday:










And…I’m making good progress on the Fingerless Mitts:


(Did I mention that springtime is also Girl Scout Cookie season????)

Life. Is. Fine.



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4 responses to “Spring Forward.

  1. All clear signs of spring. Yes indeed.

  2. mmmmm, girl scout cookies! know i’ll go dig in the pantry for a box 😉

  3. So good to see my little BossyGirl back in action! It has inspired me to start to think about maybe contemplating revisiting the idea of possibly updateing my blog…kinda. It’s a start, eh?
    Happy Spring, missy! May your blooms be blooming and your gloves at hand…or is that in hand? Ciao, B.G.-xo, me

    • Thanks for the comment! It’s good to see Artgirl back on the screen, too. 🙂 C’mon, you can do it…my plan is to take a few photos each week of something interesting, post once a week, and keep the writing simple. For me, it keeps me accountable with my knitting, which makes me feel better when I do it…and is always the first to go when I’m busy. Shouldn’t be that way, but oh well… Have a great week, and love you lots. Let me know if you hear anything from up north. xoxo BG

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