But will I get them done in time?

I’ve started some fingerless gloves with some sock yarn I bought with Gretchen in Austin.  The pattern is “Kim’s Sockotta Fingerless Gloves” from Ravelry.  I’m using red-orange Berroco Sox.  



It’s still cold here in Columbus, and I’ve lived here long enough to know the chill hangs around for awhile…so, first day of spring notwithstanding, I’m hoping to wear these yet this season.  Apparently Izzie has doubts.








#1 son is home from OSU on Spring Break.  He came home a few weeks ago to watch #2 son in his latest drama production, “All in the Timing”.  




Here they are after the performance.  (Cute, huh?  But I’m a little biased.)





Here’s the photo just before.  



The turkeys turned just as I snapped the photo, using the flash delay to make me a leetle crazy.  (Pretty funny, actually). 







Evan played Leon Trotksy, taken out in real life by an axe to the skull.  Did I mention this was a comedy?  



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  1. Isn’t it fun watching the kids on stage? Hannah was Little Red Riding Hood in “Into the Woods” last night and we were so proud of her.

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