Do over.

So. I’ve been away from my knitting blog  for about a year. Life moves in phases…and my most recent phase has been blogless for awhile.  I’ve missed it, to be sure…I enjoy the online knitting community, I still lose myself in the black hole of reading other knitting blogs, and I  continue to knit (for better or worse, depending on the project.)  Today, I updated my first blog (, which I haven’t touched since last June.  Feverish with re-startitis (as any addicted knitter would be), I got back into my old template to start tweaking it a little…and promptly dismantled something html-like in very short order.

Welcome to my world. 

While contemplating whether to fix it, I remembered I had started a “sister” blog here at WordPress in 2006.  After I sorted out the  forgotten password thing, I landed here, inside a clean, fresh, new blog.  I’ve decided to live here for a little while and see how I like it before I put down carpet and hang pictures on the walls…but I think it’s going to be just right.  I’ll keep you posted.


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